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Visconti Van Gogh Souvenir de Mauve Fountain Pen Gift Set

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Productnummer: KP12-10-FP
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Especially for Christmas 2018 Visconti launches two new, vibrant versions of the Van Gogh pens, as usual based on two of the grand meisters most iconic paintings. Souvenir de Mauve and Wheatfield under Thunderclouds were the sources of inspiration for these editions.
This Souvenir the Mauve is a painting of a peach tree in bloom on a desolate place by clear daylight. Therefor, the main tints of this pen are pale pink, blue and brown. Especially for Christmas, the Souvenir de Mauve will be launched for a LIMITED TIME in a beautiful gift set. The pen will be accompanied by a brand new ink colour assorted with the pen, vibrant pink, and a page marker with the painting itself on it. And also the box wil be completely in theme of the painting. Whereas the normal gift boxes of the Van Gogh collection have a self portrait of Vincent printed on the top, this gift box will be enriched by a print of the Souvenir the Mauve painting. Later in 2019, the pen as well as the ink will be available separately and in the usual packing.

Vincent Van Gogh is seen as one of the, if not the single most important painter of the impressionist stream. Even today he's still a great example and source of inspirations for many artists... as well as for Visconti. Visconti has succeeded in transferring the complex hues and emotions from the master's paintings onto the pen by mixing real oil paint into the resin of the body. The name of the painting on which the pen is based is engraved in the ring. Together with the Rembrandt Collection, the Van Gogh collection is Visconti's most fitted pen for everyday use. The creators have studied the dimensions of the pen so that they would fit in every pocket and hand. The Florentine pen brand stresses its origin by honouring Florence's most iconic bridge, the Ponte Vecchio, in every pen's clip. 

Available as Fountain Pen
Body: Resin, oil paint
Trims: Palladium Plated
Size: Regular
Closure: Magnetic
Filling system: cartridge/converter
Nib: Steel small nib F-M-B
Personalisable with Pen System